Boneless Pads: Pro Slim Pad (Large)

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* Black Nylon caps
* Worn by more top pro vert skaters than any other pad
* Articulated molded inner foam helps pad stay in place
* Duo-density foam for impact
* Open back design for easy on and off, does not bind behind knee
* Left and rights, so you can fasten straps toward the inside of knees or outside
* Triple layered outside shell with ballistic bottom
* Replaceable rounder cap system
* Smaller side profile, pro length above and below the knee

As a rule sizing is as follows for an average height person:

SMALL (from 10 in. or less) (135 lbs. or less)
MEDIUM Measures (From 11 in. to 13 in.) (135-150 lbs.)
LARGE Measures (From 14 in. to 15 in.) (150-180 lbs.)
X-LARGE Measures (Over 16 in.) (180 lbs +)