Creature x Pacifico 8.6 Bottle Cap Cruzer Complete

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Creature has officially teamed up with Pacifico to bring you the latest Drop of our bottle-poppin' Brüe Killers! And the party doesn't stop there. The Pacifico collection comes complete with our 8.6" Brüe Killer, Mob Grip, Krux Trucks, and OJ Wheels for the die-hard enthusiasts like ourselves. The Creature Skateboards X Pacifico Bottle Cap 8.6 x 30.7" cruzer / complete features multiple wheel base options on the front hole pattern from 14.25 - 14.75 inches. Shorter wheelbase for easy ollies, longer wheelbase for more stability and less speed wobble. This cruiser comes with Krux K5 trucks, all-terrain 54mm 87a OJ Keyframe wheels, and a bottle opener. Discover responsibly™ Pacifico Clara® Beer. Imported by Crown Imports, Chicago, IL