DB Longboards: Bear 33"

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33" Maple cruising, pushing, and commuting longboard. Drop thru, rocker, and a compact platform make it easy to carry around and perfect for long distance pushing. Unlike the Mini Cooper, the Bear is not a drop deck, so there is even more room for your feet. The Bear Complete is the ultimate pushing set up with a low platform and huge wheels for easy riding. These Cloudride Hurricane wheels are 90mm tall and will get you over almost any crack or debris in your way!

Board Construction: 8-Ply North American Maple

Length: 33.00 inches

Width: 8.325 inches

 Trucks: 149mm Atlas Street

 Wheels: 90mm Cloud Ride Hurricanes

 Flexibility: Snappy Flex

Maximum Wheelbase: 25.00 inches

Minimum Wheelbase: 25.00 inches

 Riding Style: Push/Commute

Mounting Style: Drop-Thru

Version: 2020