Never Summer: West Bound

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n American mythology, going west is synonymous with a journey into the unknown. Into the wilderness. For skiers and snowboarders, going west means an ascent into the big mountains, a pilgrimage to the freeriding meccas of the continent. The Never Summer West Bound Snowboard is the board to take with you when you're heading west in any meaning of the phrase. It's a freeride stick that's attained legendary status as the go-to weapon of big mountain rippers throughout the Rockies and the big coastal ranges. Go west, into the wild, where steep faces and rocky cliffbands wait to be explored. And let the West Bound show you the way. The Never Summer West Bound DF Snowboard has the same construction and feel of the OG, but with a super wide geometry to provide a drag free ride for Sasquatches heading west to meet their cousins.