Phase Five: 2023 Gadget Board + Nova Foil Package

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The Gadget is freshly redesigned for 2023. We collaborated with foil expert John Akerman to develop an exciting new foil-specific board. He requested a light-weight, minimalistic deck to execute a variety of airs and flips he’s working on and we nailed it. The thin skim style construction sinks under the water nicely, making it easier than a buoyant surf style board to situate before getting pulled up. The coffin outline offers forgiveness while the wide squash tail provides extra stability and control. The improved angled front foot strap delivers a natural comfortable feel for your stance rather than the previous straight vertical configuration. It is built with our high end skimboard construction using Carbon Innegra Vertical (CI-V) weave and epoxy resin for superior strength. The Gadget features an adjustable 10.75” long track mount for the foil.

Continue down the page for specific infomation about the included Nova foil package.






CI-V Carbon Innegra
V.R.T.™ Technology
Reflex Speedrail
Epoxy Resin
Foil Mount
Texture Finish


10.25" Track Mount


Foil Board Pad + P5 Techno Grip™ Traction v2


The Phase Five Nova Foil package is designed to make hydrofoiling user-friendly, approachable and fun in a wide range of wave conditions. The package delivers the best of both worlds with plenty of lift and early takeoff for catching even the smallest rolling waves yet holds ample speed and glide to stay connected to the wave energy. The magic is in the 760 Front Wing, which has a large, low-aspect shape incorporating an Inverted Gull Wing outline that gives it much better top-end speed and easy to engage pumping performance than many foils of similar size and surface area.

We highly recommend picking up the short 18" mast for first time foilers. We also recomend taking a look at the 1000 Front wing upgrade to ride the 3rd and 4th wake and greatly increase the pumpability of the Nova foil.

760 front wing increases overall lift and stability
28” aluminum alloy mast
Aluminum alloy fuselage with 2 front wing position options
Light weight carbon front and rear wing finish
Titanium hardware kit for reducing corrosion
Neoprene wing covers
Compartmentalized carry case