Smith Goggles: Grom - Vintage Camo

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Twice the number of traditional kid features at half the price? The only question you'll have with the Smith Grom Goggles is how you can snatch a pair of your own. Ideal protection for the budding snow enthusiast, the Grom Goggles are fully compatible with eyeglasses and helmets and feature spherical glare-cutting Carbonic-X lenses. Progressing beyond the base? TLT lens tech promotes crystal clear vision so your shredder-in-training can work on linking parallels turns or catching little airs without the typical encumbrances, while a Patented Porex filter prevents optical distortion during rapid changes in elevation. Get your youngin' dialed and get ready to play catch-up when he or she takes off in the Smith Grom Goggles this season.


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Spherical Carbonic-X LensesSpherical Lenses are built on a base curve in both the X and Y axis. Smith's spherical lenses are offered exclusively in carbonic-x material for optimum impact and scratch resistance, increased visual acuity and enhanced contrast, along with TLT optics and a base 6x4 toric shape. This pioneering shape provides the highest level of optical clarity, improved fit characteristics and increased volume improving fog performance.

ChromaPop™ Lens TechnologyThrough Smith's proprietary ChromaPop™ lens technology, we help you see detail and color beyond normal capabilities. ChromaPop™ filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, more natural color, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail.