Syndicate Legend Glove

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The new HO Sports Legend gloves wont feel slippery on a wet waterski handle because of the BluTec palm. BlueTec is a revolutionary hydro-grip that maximizes tackiness when wet for unrivaled handle grip. It is 40 percent thinner than traditional palm materials for unmatched skier feel and connection with the handle. Maximum grip without the use of Kevlar makes this the glove of choice for Will Asher, the worlds number one ranked skier. These gloves are for wakeboarding, waterskiing, and other active sports. These are designed from the same pattern as the HO 41 Tail glove, but the palm of the 41 Tail is replaced with the all new BlueTec palm material.

Perhaps we will see some popularity of the HO Legend Gloves in other active sports such as kite boarding and hang gliding because of the superior grip.