Venom Barrel and Cone

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The idea behind the standard pack is “Best of both worlds”. The barrel on the bottom gives you solid stability, and the cone on top delivers a ridiculous turn. This combo is often used by people who want to ride a juicy setup but sometimes encounter the odd massive hill. Barrels: .6″ tall x .97″ wide Cones: .6″ tall x .93″/.65″ wide

HPF Formula:
78a – Blue
81a – Orange
85a – Yellow
87a – Purple
90a – Red
93a – Green
95a – Glow in the Dark
97a – Pink

SHR Formula
80a – Olive Green
83a – Pastel Yellow
86a – Pastel Blue
88a – Seafoam Green
91a – Blood Red
94a – White
98a – Grey